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Are Lenders Obligated to Renew Mortgages?

Are Lenders Obligated to Renew Mortgages?

It's a common held belief that if you've made your mortgage payments on time throughout the entirety of your mortgage term, that your lender is somehow obligated to renew your mortgage. This is simply not the case. The truth is, a lender is never under any obligation...

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Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Mar 6th, 2019

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Mar 6th, 2019

The Bank of Canada today maintained its target for the overnight rate at 1 ¾ per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 2 per cent and the deposit rate is 1 ½ per cent. Recent data suggest that the slowdown in the global economy has been more pronounced and...

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Home

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Home

Building your dream home can sound really exciting, but have you thought about everything that goes into building a new home? Here are 7 Questions you should ask yourself before making any concrete plans! 1. What are my expectations with this new home? Are you looking...

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Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Fund

Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Fund

You’ve heard the horror stories: basement floods gone wrong, cars that randomly stop running, or a pal suddenly losing their job. Perhaps you’re the type of person who thinks “that will never happen to me!” when hearing one of these stories, but the cold reality is...

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Top Dollar: How High Can You Go?

Top Dollar: How High Can You Go?

Affordability is a major concern for today’s aspiring first-time homebuyers. In hot real estate markets like the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver regions, however, the desire for affordability can be challenged by the competitive fervour caused by escalating...

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Bernie Klacer

Mortgage Broker FSCO LICENSE # M08001405

Hello, I’m Bernie Klacer.  Thanks for visiting my website. For over 10 years, I have been helping people just like you with financing their #1 investment, THEIR HOME!  I take the time to get to know you in order to help you select the best mortgage financing that perfectly suits your lifestyle and financial situation. As a Mortgage Broker with Real Mortgage Associates, I deal with over 35 lending institutions in Canada. I will find the best mortgage product available to suit your needs. So, whether you are purchasing your first home, refinancing, or have been turned down by others, let me help get the results you want and deserve.  I am available on YOUR terms! Best of all…you don’t pay me a dime.*  The lending institution compensates me for my service; not you. * In some instances of non-standard qualification, a fee may apply.


Don’t hesitate … if you have mortgage questions  … Just Ask Me!

Contact me anytime: 519-518-2340


Home Purchase

If you are looking to purchase a property, understanding all the mortgage options available to you can seem overwhelming. The market is hot and having a clear plan is a must. That’s where I come in, I do this everyday, and I love it. I will help you make sense of all the numbers and provide you with options that make sense to you so you can shop with confidence.



The best time to start looking at renewing your existing mortgage is 120 days before your maturity date. If your existing lender has sent you a renewal offer in the mail, the first thing you should do is send it to me so I can give you a second opinion. Never just sign the offer, there is always room to negotiate. I am here to help you, so that you don’t have to do those negotiations alone!

First Time Home Buyers

If you are looking to purchase your first home, then you have come to the right place! I absolutely love answering questions and helping first time home buyers understand what mortgage financing is all about. I will walk through the process with you and make sure you feel comfortable with the details of your mortgage contract and that they meet your unique financial needs. My goal is to be your mortgage advisor for life, lets start the journey together!

Renovation Mortgage

There are many homes offered for sale in Ontario that have great potential but are in need of repairs or renovations. These homes are generally sold at prices that represent excellent value. While the value of these homes is attractive, financing the necessary work has often been difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were possible to buy that “fixer-upper” at a great price, immediately have it renovated into your dream home, and do it all with one manageable mortgage, and a minimum down payment?

Tough Credit Mortgages

For potential home buyers and home owners in Ontario who have had difficulty with credit in the past, take heart! All is not lost. Help may be just around the corner. Due to the competitive nature of the Canadian mortgage industry, more and more lenders are seeking out niches to obtain mortgage clients.  One such niche is the tough credit mortgage client.  If you have experienced difficulty obtaining a mortgage in the past I can discuss mortgage qualification requirements for tough credit clients with you.

Commercial Financing

Business development requires various kinds of investments. Be it buying equipment to enhance your production, or a vehicle for efficient transportation, or even various fixed assets. I understand that your business may require financing for your long-term business goals.  I can assist you with commercial loans with flexible repayment terms and competitive fixed or variable interest rates.

Are you looking to buy a new home, renovate, refinance or renew an existing mortgage?


Here are some of the nice things my clients have said about me!

Reccomend to Anyone!

As a first time homebuyer, I had no idea what to expect when purchasing my first house. I did some preliminary groundwork myself and talked to my bank, but found myself overwhelmed. That is when my friend told me to call Bernie. Bernie was able to beat my banks rate offer, but also was able to explain everything in a way that I could understand.

I found Bernie to be extremely professional and definitely an expert in mortgages. He worked hard to get me the best financing for my new home. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend him to anyone needing a mortgage.

Janice P.

London Ontario

Excellent Job

Bernie, has done a excellent job finding the best mortgage rates possible for our family. He’s also helped a number of family and friends with getting a great mortgage as well. We Highly recommend Bernie because of his “can do” attitude and he goes that extra mile, to make things happen. Great guy as well on a personal level.


Angela Fisher


Bernie Saved Us!

Getting a mortgage, or in our case refinancing our existing mortgage at renewal was STRESSFUL to say the least. Unfortunately we had some credit issues and missed a couple mortgage payments due to being laid off at work. When our existing mortgage came up for renewal, our existing lender didn’t want to renew it for us. Bernie literally saved us.

We are confident that if it wasn’t for Bernie, we would have had to sell our house and we would probably be renting right now. Although the rate we got was higher than what we had, we are still very happy with everything. Bernie helped us not only get this mortgage, but worked on a plan to get us back into a better mortgage in a couple years!

Thanks again Bernie, you have been awesome to work with! We will definitely be returning after our term is complete!

Elliott & Sam

Waterloo, ONT.

Helped Me out of a Tough Spot

I’m a small business owner who ran into some real financial troubles. I will spare you all of the details, but lets just leave it at, I was in a really tight spot and Bernie was able to come through for me.

I was recommended to Bernie from a friend of mine who claimed Bernie could work magic and it turns out he can. When my bank flat out turned me down for a mortgage, Bernie had other lenders who work with people like me all the time. I think the best part of working with Bernie is that I never felt judged, he treated me really well.

Thanks again for everything Bernie, I know that I will tell everyone about how you helped me out and that they should call you.

Chris Zimmerman


I am proud to have developed strong working relationships with several Canadian mortgage lenders.  Let’s find out which one has the best mortgage product for you!

If your financial situation is “complicated”, and you are unable to get standard mortgage financing from a bank, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I have a lot of great relationships with “B Lenders” and Private Investors who lend to people just like you.

Feel free to use this mortgage calculator to get a rough estimate on your mortgage payments! However as everyone’s situation is different and there are so many variables when it comes to mortgage products, when you are ready to know EXACTLY what you can qualify for and EXACTLY what your payments will be… you should contact me! Would you look at that… I have conveniently placed a contact form below! Let me know a little bit about you and I will be in touch VERY shortly to discuss your financial situation and we will take a look at all your mortgage options!

Contact Me Anytime!

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Not really into number crunching and not ready to hit submit on that contact form yet? No worries!  Why don’t you head on over to my blog, there is a lot of great information there!

Bernie Klacer is a BBB Accredited Mortgage Broker in London, ON
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