Tough Credit Mortgages

Life has a way of happening. Sometimes it’s the way we want it to and sometimes its not. If you are finding yourself in a situation that makes it difficult to borrow, I am here to help!

I understand the delicate nature of these situations and how the additional stress of poor credit can affect the mortgage process.

I remain committed to working just as hard to ensure that you receive the best options for rebuilding.

Working with a number of different institutions and lenders allows me to find a number of different lending options and rates. There are many lenders in today's market that specialize in poor credit lending and I am able to ensure you receive a fair and nondiscriminatory experience.

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There are a few things you will want to know when looking for a mortgage when your credit rating is low. Many lenders will want to see firm proof of income, a higher down payment or possibly even a cosigner. I am able to aid during this sometimes lengthy process.

There are many reasons why credit struggles are a reality, divorce, business closing or job loss are all things that can happen to anyone. Don’t lose hope! With the increased competitiveness in today's mortgage market, more and more mortgage companies are willing to lend to those dealing with these credit issues. Your road to financial recovery doesn’t need to be walked alone.


Helped Me out of a Tough Spot

“I’m a small business owner who ran into some real financial troubles. I will spare you all of the details, but lets just leave it at, I was in a really tight spot and Bernie was able to come through for me.

I was recommended to Bernie from a friend of mine who claimed Bernie could work magic and it turns out he can. When my bank flat out turned me down for a mortgage, Bernie had other lenders who work with people like me all the time. I think the best part of working with Bernie is that I never felt judged, he treated me really well. Thanks again for everything Bernie, I know that I will tell everyone about how you helped me out and that they should call you.”

Chris Zimmerman, Ontario

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